If you are thinking of starting a marketing consultancy business, you should know that it is a lucrative industry. There are numerous businesses, big and small, that need consultancy services. Even though it is a good business to be in, the consulting industry still faces several challenges, including:

Fierce Competition

The number of people who are getting into the consultancy industry keeps growing with each passing day. This means that consultancy firms must continue to provide high-quality services while coming up with new strategies that will set them apart from other players in the field. Intense competition has made it necessary for many consultancy firms to lower their prices in line with market demand. Those that do not lower their prices will have to come up with unique selling points to ensure they maintain a steady flow of clients.

Complex Issues

More businesses than ever before have gone digital. Businesses have to deal with things like fake reviews and other complex issues, like how to manoeuvre among different cultures. What’s more, The consulting industry must come up with different strategies for how to capture their target markets without losing customers in the process.


As more companies go online, consultancy businesses must now ensure that their websites are safe and that they can be trusted. This means they should invest more in web design and web hosting. This can sometimes be very costly, but it is also necessary.

New Client Needs

The needs of clients who use consultancies to manage their businesses have changed in recent years. They now need things like 24-hour customer service, and people who are adept with social media management who can give them much more in much less time. They also need much speedier results, which means that consulting firms must always bring their ‘A’ game.