Business consultancy has continued to gain acceptance within the business environment over the years. Nowadays, enterprises of all sizes appear to appreciate the vital role of consultancy in their success and are continuously engaging it in areas like marketing, advertising and public relations among others.

The consulting industry has also continued to grow over the years, with various adaptations to fit the dynamic world. Today, for example, a lot of consultancy is done through the internet and for the internet. It is about making businesses appear good and appealing online, where a good number of the target customers are.

As a result, there has been a massive entrance of new consulting agents in the market. Most, if not all, are well qualified to do the needful for business. What then are some of the things you can do differently to become a top dog in the industry? Here are a few tips:

  • Be trustworthy

Running consultancy services for businesses means they have to trust you with some of their most intimate details, which could either expose them to competition or damage their reputation. As a consultant, you have to come across as (and be) a trustworthy person who will not throw them under the bus even when things get thick or better offers come your way.

Trust is slow to build and quick to collapse, so you have to be very careful. Businesses consult with each other, so the good name you make for yourself is likely to spread even by word of mouth.

  • Cultivate relationships

Seek to establish more than just a working relationship with the businesses you engage with. Get personal. This does not mean dropping by at their address with no reason or suddenly showing an interest in their internal affairs. Rather, be that friend who checks out their performance even is some areas not mandated and gives tips.

Try to be a good ambassador for the business even when you are no longer working together.

  • Always have ready solutions beforehand

Sometimes businesses will knock on your door with a pressing problem that needs instant attention. If you do not have an instant solution, the business may turn away and go in search of another consultant.

This thus calls for one vital element of consulting: research. Always keep your nose out for likely problems and read ahead to find solutions. That way, when a distressed business owner comes to you, you will be able to handle them calmly and provide workable solutions without dilly-dallying.

  • Take up small businesses

These are gems, especially for budding consultants. If conditions allow, do not turn away small businesses that come with a payment offer that makes you feel like spitting at their owners.

There are two positives of taking up small businesses:

– They require minimum consulting effort as they are looking for solutions you have handled numerous times in the past

– You earn their trust and become an indispensable partner as they grow

  • Advertise yourself

Many consultants make the mistake of thinking that since they offer an essential service, businesses will always come looking for them. The truth is that you need that business as much as it needs you.

Make it a business practice to make your presence in the market know. Always approach businesses like a helpful partner, not a know-it-all big brother.